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A Winter's Day


People often ask what we do in winter. The answer is: We dress warmly, in lots of layers, and we play. Lots of active play keeps us warm; we also have a cosy tipi, with a stove, for quiet time and naps. Temperatures were below freezing all day today, which made it a perfect day for exploring ice. The children discovered a thick layer of ice on our water bucket. They worked hard to break it into lots of little pieces.

Then, after snack, we went on an ice hunt in the woods. We found lots of ice on the road. The children explored the ice with their feet and hands and had great fun sliding atop one another.

Then some children began playing with our cable reels.

While others spent more time exploring frost

Then it was time to go back to camp for a talk, hand washing, lunch, stories, and, for children who sleep, naps. We dry mittens over the stove while we eat.

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1 Comment

Jun 24, 2021

what a lovely day out!!!! the kiddos would've loved that 😊😉

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